Interview with Bayern Innovativ GmbH

Why are you involved in TEAM-X as a consortium partner?
For us, accessibility and usability combined with fair and trustworthy handling of health data is an important pillar of tomorrow’s efficient and effective healthcare. That is why we want to support and promote this topic in TEAM-X.

What is your task?
We are active in consortium lead and in the development of business models in TEAM-X.

What are the biggest challenges?
The big challenge is to reconcile the multitude of systems, but also the multitude of players and stakeholders in healthcare so that everyone is working together towards one goal.

What are the benefits of a Gaia-X compliant data room?
Reliability and trust in the fundamental values when dealing with highly sensitive health data.

What inspires you about Gaia-X? The idea of a common understanding of data spaces, but also of the technical foundations across sectors and national borders. This holds great potential and is fully in line with the European idea.