Interview with Care Valley

Five questions for Care Valley – TEAM-X partner

Why are you involved in TEAM-X as a consortium partner?
Care Valley sees itself as a network for nursing, care and health. For this reason, it was logical for us to support TEAM-X.

What is your task?
Our task is to broaden knowledge about Gaia-X and thus create the conditions for stronger networking between the various players.

What are the biggest challenges?
The greatest challenge is the question of how TEAM-X can be sustainably anchored in Bavaria after the project funding expires.

What are the benefits of a Gaia-X compliant data room?
The advantage is that in Care Valley we can integrate companies from other domains such as “Smart Living”, “Mobility” or “Planning, Building, Operating”. This creates the conditions for new solutions and jobs in Bavaria.

What inspires you about Gaia-X?
Gaia-X enables a form of interoperability that did not exist before. Care Valley members can thus more easily improve existing solutions such as the “Modular Care Valley System Solution” or implement completely new solutions such as the “Intelligent Care Room”.