Interview with Kommunikationshaus Bad Aussee

Five questions for Kommunikationshaus Bad Aussee – TEAM-X cooperation partner

Why are you involved in TEAM-X as a consortium partner?
Because the topic, task and project are highly contemporary and socially relevant. And we know: The most important thing is good communication.

What is your task?
We take care of the holistic integrated communication work for TEAM-X. Primarily in the area of public relations.

What are the biggest challenges?
Getting to the heart of complex content in a simple and understandable way for all stakeholders. On the one hand, this is the challenge and, on the other hand, it is the greatest joy when so many different people involved succeed in speaking the same language.

What are the benefits of a Gaia-X compliant data room?
Security. Trust. Innovation. Freedom. Orientation to the common good.

What inspires you about Gaia-X?
The holistic approach to designing digital data spaces in a human-centric way.