Interview with Siemens Healthineers AG

Five questions for Siemens Healthineers AG – TEAM-X consortium partner

Why are you involved in TEAM-X as a consortium partner?
TEAM-X offers exactly the right combination of collaboration partners required for the implementation of such a joint project. Science, medicine and industry can work together on a pioneering innovative topic. The local infrastructure in the project is also unique for us as a company, as most of the consortium partners are located close to our site.

What is your task?
In collaboration with the entire consortium, we are researching suitable processes and software modules to create secure infrastructures for handling highly sensitive health data that comply with data protection legislation. The project is based on digital infrastructures built up over many years with the University Hospital Erlangen, including the “teamplay digital health platform connect”. Adequate mechanisms are to be created in the future to make it possible to use health data more efficiently and to act in a legally compliant and secure manner with the involvement of citizens. The main focus will be on the added value of new IT solutions for future patients.

What are the biggest challenges?
For us as an industrial global medical technology company, the biggest current challenge is the legal uncertainty in data protection (especially for health data) and the fragmentation of the legal situation in our markets.

What are the benefits of a Gaia-X compliant data room?
Above all, such a data room should offer citizens the certainty of maximum security for the data it contains, while at the same time creating optimal value from this data in order to offer optimal healthcare in the future on the one hand, but also to keep Germany and Europe competitive as a business location and thus counteract the shortage of skilled workers on the other.

What inspires you about Gaia-X?
When I think of Gaia-X, I think above all of the fantastic community that is working together on one of the most challenging topics of our time. Working together with them on this topic inspires me personally.